SWFWMD & FDEP Mitigation Credits

State ERP rules intend that in certain instances, adverse impacts of activities regulated under Part IV of Chapter 373, F.S., can be offset through the utilization of mitigation credits from a permitted mitigation bank. The ERP rule provides criteria for the banking mitigation alternative to complement existing mitigation criteria and requirements.

The District intends that mitigation banks be used to minimize mitigation uncertainty associated with traditional mitigation practices and provide greater assurance of mitigation success. It is anticipated that the consolidation of multiple mitigation projects into larger contiguous areas will provide greater assurance that the mitigation will yield long-term, sustainable, regional ecological benefits.

The ERP rules provide that the use of a mitigation bank is an appropriate and permittable mitigation option when the mitigation bank will offset the adverse impacts of the project and meet all other criteria for permit issuance. Some examples of when the use of a mitigation bank may be preferred include:

  1. on-site mitigation opportunities are not expected to have comparable long-term viability due to such factors as unsuitable hydrologic conditions or ecologically incompatible existing adjacent land uses or future land uses identified in a local comprehensive plan adopted according to Chapter 163, F.S.; and
  2. use of the mitigation bank would provide greater improvement in ecological value than on-site mitigation.

In some cases, a combination of on-site mitigation and participation in a mitigation bank will be appropriate to offset adverse impacts of a project.

Most recently, SWFWMD has acknowledged the importance and priority of mitigation banks in its 2012 FDOT Mitigation Program which states:

If a mitigation bank exists in the basin, the FDOT Mitigation Program will purchase credits from the mitigation bank when that purchase offsets the wetland impacts of the FDOT project; provides equal benefit to the water resources as other mitigation options being considered and provides the most cost effective mitigation option. If a mitigation bank is not available, the mitigation project identified in the Plan will be selected as the mitigation option.

The Tampa Bay Mitigation bank is prepared to provide mitigation for your private and public projects including necessary mitigation for Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT Mitigation) projects. Learn more about our purchase process.

UMAM Credits

  • Estuaurine Forested (Mangrove)
  • Tidal Marsh
  • Oligohaline Marsh
  • Oligohaline Pond
  • Freshwater Marsh

SWFWMD/FDEP Credits Service Area


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