EPC Mitigation Credits

Hillsborough County Environmental Protection Commission

Wetland Mitigation Available Pursuant to Chapter 1-11 – Wetlands

The rules of the EPC intend to provide local standards for the protection, maintenance and utilization of wetlands within Hillsborough County, while providing consistency with the statewide standards for the identification and delineation of wetlands, recognizing the rights of individual property owners to use their lands in a reasonable manner as well as the rights of all citizens to protection and purity of the waters of Hillsborough County and their associated wetland ecosystems.

However, when wetland impacts become unavoidable pursuant to EPC criteria, EPC Rule 1-11.08(7) provides that an applicant for wetland impacts may obtain mitigation for wetland impacts by purchasing mitigation credits from a fully permitted wetland mitigation bank.

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View rules of the Hillsborough County EPC.

Credit Types Available (Acre for Acre Basis)

  • Estuarine Forested (Mangrove)
  • Tidal Marsh
  • Freshwater Marsh
  • Freshwater Pond

Evaluation Methodology

All EPC mitigation credits are sold on a 1:1 or “acre for acre” basis.

1:1 Impact/Mitigation Ratio Credits

Service Area