The Mitigation Credit Purchase Process

  1. Consult with us early regarding possible mitigation needs so that we can provide “realtime” credit availability information on the type and methodology for each agency. Doing this will assist you in guiding your mitigation requirements toward credits that are both available and feasible to offset your impacts. Ultimately the regulatory agency makes the final determination as to mitigation acceptability but you should begin your planning early in the process.
  2. When you have reasonably determined your mitigation needs and have analyzed those needs under each respective agency’s methodology (ACOE-WRAP; State-UMAM; EPC-1:1) complete the information forms herein for each agency for which you intend to satisfy mitigation requirements. Return the forms to the Tampa Bay Mitigation Bank.
  3. Tampa Bay Mitigation Bank will prepare a draft form of purchase agreement based on your needs. Once the details of the purchase are confirmed and you have agreed upon the credit needs with each agency, execute the agreement and purchase the credits. Credits are not reserved until a purchase is made.
  4. Tampa Bay Mitigation will then provide purchase confirmation letters for your use with each involved agency.
  5. The next step involves Tampa Bay Mitigation updating its ledgers with each involved agency. If it does this using information that you provided in the purchase, that information must be consistent with your permit requirement or you will not have satisfied your mitigation obligation.
  6. Once you have satisfied your permit requirement and the Tampa Bay Mitigation ledgers are updated, you are compliant and no longer have the long term obligation of onsite mitigation management and success requirements. THAT’S WHY YOU CAME TO THE TAMPA BAY MITIGATION BANK!!